Rory O’Mara in Conversation with Amy Varle from Property Investments UK

Part 1: Introducing Rory O’Mara from Closed Bridging Finance

Part 2: What is Bridging Finance?

Part 3: What is Development Finance?

Part 4: Is Bridging Finance Only Suitable for Expert Investors?

Part 5: Debt Finance Vs. Equity Finance – Which is Better for Property?

Part 6: What Kind of Property Can Be Bought With a Bridging Loan?

Part 7: Debt Financing – The Cost of Using a Bridging Loan

Part 8: What Does the Future Hold for Bridging Finance?

Part 9: How to Use Bridging Finance to Grow a Property Portfolio Quickly

Part 10: What Problems do Property Investors Face in 2018?

Part 11: Which Property Strategies Offer the Best Long-Term Potential?

Part 12: How Can a High Net Worth Individual Invest in Short-Term Finance?

Part 13: What is an SPV and Why are They Used by Property Developers?

Part 14: The Highs and Lows of Working in Bridging Finance

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