Historically Bridging Finance would have been used as a potential last form of finance due to the high costs involved, however, today we are seeing savvy investors use Bridging Finance as a key tool in their investment toolbox. It’s the power of using OPM – Other People’s Money that gets deals done.

Our best clients understand the Power of Leverage – to understand more, call Rory O’Mara direct for a chat

We have funded projects at 100% x Purchase Price & Cost of Works. If the profit margin is strong, we will tailor a solution that fits for all parties.

“I don’t look at the cost of the shovel when digging for gold”

– says one of our more active customers.

Our clients like to work with us because we:

  • Focus on you the client – we want to see you making a profit.
  • Provide fast decisions.
  • Have no hidden small print.
  • Provide transparent costs for valuation, Legals & all associated fees.
  • Explain all costs up front & provide a detailed illustration.
  • Won’t waste your time.
  • Will lend on up to 100% purchase price with additional security.
  • Are experienced at lending and working with investors.
  • Can also shop “whole of market” if we are not the main lending partner

Bridging Finance gives you Leverage and the ability to get deals done quickly. Speed gets results. Fast access to funds can help clinch the deal. That’s our goal, to help investors get deals done quickly.

Call: 08456 440 911 for a tailored illustration for your project today.